RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FOR MEN | What Women Want – Alpha Male Subliminal PUA Problem Ownership Red Pill

DAILY AWESOME PODCAST – Relationship advice for men is hardly ever what women want and what men want – take the Red Pill, Alpha Male Subliminal or PUA?
It has to do with ownership, extreme ownership of self. We look to traits of being the alpha male without knowing what that means. Our dating life and how we generate attraction in our life doesn’t work. We search for answers in the alpha vs beta dynamic, look at the Red Pill or the MGTOW for answers, fearing being the beta male provider when all we really needed to do was stand up and speak our minds, like a man. Take Extreme Ownership.

Stop looking for dating & relationship advice in your own relationship insecurity. It isn’t about how to be a boss, but how to be you and have complete ownership of your life.



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Steve Mayeda is a Men’s Coach in Austin Texas
He is an international speaker, former host of the 21 Convention and has been working with men in over 25 countries since 2006
He has worked in all levels of the Men’s Development Industry – Health & Fitness, Dating Advice, PUA, Men’s Perspective.
A Brazilian JiuJitsu and MMA enthusiast, as well as a fan of anthropology and evolutionary theory.


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